The Walk in Honour was a charity walk by Mr. Deng Bul from Darwin to Alice Springs (1,500 km), from 27th Aug -21st Sept 2018. Deng was demonstrating the plight of South Sudanese children who continue to suffer as a result of endless wars in that country.

Mr. Deng is raising money to support the financially dis-advantaged children including the orphans, disabled and general poor. All the money raised will go towards education scholarship wards being administered by the Darwin based charity, the Integrated Help and Opportunities for Peaceful Existence-iHOPE Inc. 

Thank you to the following for their  unyielding support.

Alakiir Pageer Giir
Riak Garang Deng
Duom Kuany
Ngaree Ah Kit
Jean Ah Chee
Linda Spencer
Chol Bol Ayuen
Gabriel Barach
Cathy Spurr
Leone Wittmack
Jayne Lloyd
Thon Ayii
Garang Piok
Rachael Lynch
Carolin Gray
Judy Davis
Kerryn Morgan
Shyam Banjade
Sonja Pastor
Lauren Moss
Shaun White
Christian Metzger
Achol Majok Ajang
Charlie King
Abuoi (Abuja) Dut
Robert Slevin
Noelene Swanson
Amuor Akuet
Mary Akuol Pakak
Anyieth Chol
Alek Dhieu Atem
Apajok M Ayiik
Kuir Deng
Abuk Manyok
Syd Stirling 

Xavier College, Tiwi Islands

Murrupurtiyanuwu Catholic School, Tiwi Islands

Barkly Regional Council, Tennant Creek