Self-reliance is the end product of our charitable ideas and underpins all our welfare activities. All our projects are inextricably linked and designed to empower and improve the living conditions of civil wars orphans, widows, widowers and disabled in South Sudan and also to raise funds for the long term survival of the organisation.


iHOPE Orphan Education Scholarships (iOES)

iHOPE believes that literacy is the key to solving many of South Sudan’s issues. It is an undeniable fact that prevailing extreme poverty and illiteracy are the catalysts for all past and present civil wars not only in South Sudan, but also in all other regions of the world where people are experiencing recurrent insecurities.

It is our belief that rational thinking is a function of literacy, and we believe we can break the cycle of wars in South Sudan through education. Self-reliance cannot be realised through the provision of food material from UNHCR and other UN agencies.

Great ideas and the rapid development of technologies did not come as a result of dream but a result of education. A self-reliant society is able to maintain peace and peaceful coexistence. Please support our orphans’ education project.


Widows Vocational Training (WVT)

We have proposed to introduce vocational training in line with current projects. To help widows supports their families, we will help provide training in the areas of Healthcare (nursing, disability and aged care), hairdressing, making coffee, sewing and other sort including trades and services in South Sudan. We believe that once they are trained, they will be able to not only obtain employment but to also start their own small business. There is an existing hairdressing market in all South Sudan cities and towns and it is just a matter of setting up one.



This project is named after an integrated coffee machine. We have proposed to buy an integrated coffee machine with the intention of building a café in some selected towns and cities of South Sudan. Current local business report indicates that small business such as coffee cafés are thriving. iCoffee is a two prong project. It has a potential of employing widows as well as a source of money for our orphans’ education and widows’ vocational project.


iShop (Second-hand clothes)

This project is coined out of an integrated store. The project is primarily designed as a selling store for second-hand clothes. iHOPE will be asking for the donation of second-hand clothes and ship them to South Sudan. The clothes are going to be cheaply sold to the orphans and widows and other disadvantaged groups. The store will also buy locally made materials, arts and paintings produce by our artist and field coordinator. We will sell them to make money for our orphans’ education and widows vocation training projects. iShop will be employing widows, orphans and widowers in need.


Book writing project

We also look forward to having writers who will write and publish their books and donate a small amount of income from the book to iHOPE. Such books will be credited to the original author.

Informing the society is also part of a donation. We welcome anyone on board to write on sensitive as well as largely uncovered topics in the name of charity. This is targeted at talented as well as upcoming writers who can communicate excellently in writing in whichever language.

Aside from seeking help from the writers, we will be seeking editing and publishing assistance from editors as well as publishers. Please donate your precious time to edit and publish our books. The money generated will go toward our orphans’ education and widows vocational training projects.